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Hotshots - Round 1

Two hours. Two hundred prims. One inspiration box. Fun!

I am happy to say that I made it to round two, so more fun will happen next week. It will no doubt be more difficult, and hopefully just as enjoyable.

For those of you wondering how it all worked (and that included me), we each got to choose a number of our inspiration box (1 to 10). This was done by alphabetical first name -- this week anyway. When all the boxes had been delivered we adjourned to our booths to unpack, see what we had -- and create. All boxes were not created equal, so there was a bit of "luck" or perhaps serendipity involved.  I was happy with my box of goodies, not only to design with, but because I actually LIKED most of the items *wink*. I think I was the only one with curtains. Some boxes seemed to coordinate a lot, others not so much. I am not quite sure how that worked into the judging. From my point of view, The Loft box was about in the middle difficulty-wise.

I did take a detour over to the SL H and G sim and stole  my couch and a couple of pillows. The pillows I can return. The couch will be missing until Monday. I REALLY needed that no copy couch, so hopefully I will be forgiven.

That's the news. The sim never crashed although at the end of the contest there were 38 people when I checked and I did freeze for awhile :D. All in all things ran VERY smoothly. I just stayed in my zone with the music off and if anyone talked to me, I do apologize for not answering.

And thanks a bunch to Nissa who turned up as my peanut gallery of one. That was sweet of her.

You can visit all the booths tonight and tomorrow and see not only what people received to work with, but how the incorporated things. It is all very interesting and definitely worth a look.

Click on any photo for a high rez version. You may need to enlarge further with the zoom tool.



Nissa Nightfire said…
you did a really terrific job! I had a great time watching everybody work ... work processes were so different, so it was fun to see what came out at the end. Best of luck in the next round ... hope I can be there again to cheer you on :)

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