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A CLICK Christmas

The holiday season has officially started, for me anyway.  Thanksgiving is my personal marker. Time to break out the tinsel and decorations whether real or virtual. CLICK has a holiday photo prop out that makes these times especially cheery. Indeed, it is pretty difficult to feel like Scrooge when surrounded by presents and shining ornaments.

Taking solo, couple or group photos is a breeze and ohsomuch fun. The details are fantastic. You really need to click on these photos to see things up close and personal. Go on - you know you want to!

The Christmas Living Prop set come in two versions -- with and without the holiday decorations. Additional hand props are included, even some transfer ones for your friends in the photos.

Click on any photo for a high rez version. You may need to enlarge further with the zoom tool.

It looks like a real home, complete with windows and hall. There is even mistletoe in the doorway. But ---

it actually has transparent sides.

You can walk around and take your photos from many angles. One way transparent walls let you see in from afar and take photos unavailable in close spaces. To be fair, this will work best for those with great camming skills, but if you are seriously looking at this professional prop, you most likely have those :D.

The prop comes with a rezzer and a hud. You can add other prop sets to the hud and have them all together if you wish. Just drop the rezzer where you want the 15 meterish building and use either the hud or the rezzed equivalent. The CLEAR button derezzes the structure and pose boxes.

The two boxes on the ground at the right contain the poses, both solo and couple. Children's poses are included also and the pose names are designated M and F or child with the area of the house they pertain to. This makes picking a pose much easier (yeah). Use the menu to try on  poses and /1a to adjust. 

The full Christmas version is 388 prims, so plopping down on a 512 isn't in the cards of course. I rezzed in a friendly private sandbox with scripts and that worked just fine. The low prim (think New Years Day football as there is a bigscreen in that version) is 184. Both regular and lite models come in a coalesced version with no rezzer should you be old school. The details are quite remarkable and many of the items are separate (or could be unlinked if you have a few building skills) and could be used in your home for the holidays as well. Dual duty is always a good thing. 

The poses worked well and having the props modify makes it simple to adjust for odd shaped avatars. For instance the ground sit pose worked fine for me but the present was too large (that extra long arm thing) so I simply stretched the present smaller and repositioned a bit and all was well. You are of course not limited to the poses provided. That step stool was calling me and so I sat and then found a pose in my inventory that had no offset. Perfect.

After a fun time taking these photos I ventured over to the shop to see what else might be available. There are other nice props including an outdoor cafe that I seem to remember seeing on the feeds awhile back. There are also some impressive looking prefabs. Best of all for both you and me, there is a present under the tree by the TP spot. The greeter message said to be sure and pick up your free elevator. Well of course I did. It turned out to be this great Deco lobby prop. You can walk into the elevator and there may be poses in the loveseat; I didn't try sitting. So zip on over, you great photographers and pick this up. There is a demo area for the new Christmas prop as you come in the door.

Click on any photo for a high rez version. You may need to enlarge further with the zoom tool.


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