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Moving Indoors

For many of us in the northern climes, it is time to move indoors. Cold winds, rain and even snow convince us that cuddled up with a good book and a hot cuppa is the most comfortable mode for the coming months. This weekend's Spruce Up Your Spaces theme is Warm and Cozy.  The event starts at 9 AM SL time. After perusing the Flickr photos, it looks like a great one! Meanwhile, I can personally gives a thumbs up to the music box from UrbanizeD.

The oh so pretty -- and dare I say romantic -- music box comes in two versions. One is for setting out in your living room, bedroom or parlor (yes some of us still have those now and then).  The other is a wearable version. You can of course rez the wearable version should you have a need for two lovely rose-filled containers.

The boxes play "Over The Rainbow" when touched.

Need a holiday present or a make up gift? Since these are transfer items, you can share. You could even wear your copy while transferring the second one to your friend. That's about as real as it gets :D.

Happy shopping.

Later note:  So I just found out that this set of two music boxes is a really good deal. Read that as close to free. I don't post prices, but you know I want you to get those special items. :D

Click on any photo for a high rez version. You may need to enlarge further with the zoom tool.


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