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Where Does Plum Begin?

I have some philosophy for the morn, but first -- THE FASHION!

E! Eclectic has some new releases out and it only took about three seconds to know this was my favorite. Of course I will be wearing this new Daringly Sweater (that's its official moniker) with pants, but today I am feeling the good little blogger and so you get to see the dress as it was designed.

All layers are included for easy mix and matching. Two sizes of collars and skirt prims make fitting fairly easy. I am on record as not being a fan of skirt prims but this one is a bit special with the wide band continuing into the prim. You might want to add leggings or stockings to keep your legs warm, but this is definitely a release about style, not warmth *wink*.  With  many colors to choose from, you will likely find your favorite available.

And that segues nicely into a reflection of my morning thought process.  This is the PLUM version of the Daringly Sweater. No, I am not jumping the gun on next week's color challenge, although I have to admit I opened this color primarily because I was on the lookout for all things "plum". Now my vision of the color plum is fairly close to this shade, maybe a little lighter. That is the color that I think of when the word "plum" is used.

Most folks doing Luna's color exercise know that our next color is in the purple family. A sharper look at the announcement shows that Luna's idea of plum is very pale. I suspect this may be an official designer designation or perhaps Pantone's scale. Whatever, that is the color I am aiming for. I may fall a bit short, but I'm a gonna try.

Interestingly enough I read a color theory book long ago that told the tale of a study on our perceptions of color. The findings of that study were interesting. Participants were told to think of "RED" and then pick out the color that they perceived as being their personal  red. With so many thousands of choices, virtually everyone picked a different color.

Whether you call this dress plum or purple or dark violet; whether you see it as grape, wine or amethyst, it is still a very lovely wearable.

Click on any photo for a high rez version. You may need to enlarge further with the zoom tool.

Style Notes: 

Hair: A&A Cookie Hair Nuts (new)
Skin: []::Tuli::[] The Dressing Room :: Gina 04
Clothing: e! Daringly Sweater -  Plum (new)
Shoes: #OC# Melanie- Black Leather
Accessories: Acid & Mala .:A&M:. Messed Memory Wire

Poses by:estetica and Amacci


We haven't started Plum yet!!
Chic Aeon said…
I know. You didn't read carefully enough. It is OK though just to look at the pictures :D

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