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Saying Goodbye

Just a quick post with a mysteriously blurry photo (thank you Blogger) to let you know about this great skybox from Mariposa. Now  you probably already know that this very classy and creative jewelry store is closing; I had seen the ads, but hadn't ventured over as I have a very good selection of Mariposa jewelry already. Then a saw this post and decided a trip to check out the skybox was in order.

Now I knew this skybox held too many prims for my budget. It looked big and indeed it is; about 30 x 30 according to the notecard that came with the purchase. Still, you never know. And I really liked the abstract painting and light fixture. I thought those might be separate (they are) and could be useful for decorating. I now have copies of both items in my home accessory folder :D. The building (it could easily be used on the ground as it has an outside entrance) will go into inventory. This skybox currently sells for $5!

This is really a lovely build. If you like space and have the room, this would make a nice home or shop. It is oversized and so easy to move around in and could easily hold vendor photos without looking crowded. I really like the curved windows and there are scripted choices for floors, lights and such.

That's my newsbyte. I am going back to work. Oh, and I did pick up a couple of jewelry items at the shop including a lucky chair prize . Always nice to win.

Click on any photo for a high rez version. You may need to enlarge further with the zoom tool.


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