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Homestuff Hunt- Outdoors

More Homestuff hunting was in order this afternoon and I did well. With plenty of things to show you, I am going to choose some of the outdoor items. This swing and tree from Wetcat is very very nice. Not only is the mallow tree beautiful, it is a mere two prims. I think I'll be changing out my tree over on the bay! The swing has a variety of nice poses. One of course is swinging. You can change the color of the seat, but pink was working just fine for me.

Next up is a bench and tree arbor. The seating area has a large variety of both single and couple poses. The wildflower grass is separate from the rest of the build, so you can copy it over and make a wildflower field if you so choose. Find this at Piddler's Perch.

And is simple is your lifestyle, this [Sheds n Shacks] Single Shanty might just be what you are looking for. Think of it as semi-permanent camping *wink*.

That's the late night news from the intrepid hunter.


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