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Depth of Field

This post started out to be about these free boots from ALB on the Marketplace. And, indeed, it still is. But a funny thing happened along the way to this post. It was a techie morn and not by choice.

I read a note on the machinima board that the newest ATI drivers fixed the long time depth of field issue. Indeed it does and you can find it here.  I logged on to find no nasty "X" in the middle of my DOF. I also noted that turning on DOF doesn't seem to lower framerate. All good. 

Well almost all good. When I went to edit my newly acquired dof images I found that my graphics software, Corel Paintshop Pro X3, wouldn't open. Long story but the software hasn't worked for months with the recent changes in ATI drivers. So, what to do. I could restore (maybe) to my old drivers, but decided to try the newer version, X4. I like it and the upgrade is only $25. So an upgrade is my current plan. Moving forward.

On the moving forward front, there is (or will be) a brand new version of Firestorm out. It has currently been pulled from the download page because of a bug, but the website states that a fixed version will return by the end of the day. I'll wait until the first of the month I think before installing :D. 

Dress by JANE, an oldie but one that goes really nicely with these boots.

Pose by: Diesel Works from the new Destiny set


Anonymous said…
Thank you for posting this. I did the ATI driver update and it's amazing the numerous problems it corrected, not only did I get the DOF to work properly, the pesky zigzag line disappeared and in high resolution shots, the cumbersome black tiny line, was removed. Thanks Aeon !
Chic Aeon said…
Actually the ATI driver update wasn't totally responsible for getting rid of those black lines. Mine didn't go away == then. Later when I updated to the new Firestorm 4.2, they did. I too can take humongous sized photos with no black lines.

Yes, doing a little happy dance. So a combo of both viewer and driver seems to have been needed. I am betting you weren't so slow to update from 3 to 4 or something similar for whatever viewer you are using.

Still, we are both set. Woot!

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