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A Place in Time

This early morning post is brought to you by the Past and Future Hunt.

And here's the story. I was so impressed by the Fortune Teller's table from Mystique (see one of yesterday's posts), that I zipped over to pick one up for myself. And, as I often do when I find a new creator that impresses me, I perused the shop for any signs of other hunts. I find that if you really like one item from a shop, then your chances of liking another are good.

Sure enough, this gorgeous, 30 prim house with extra deep foundation (perfect for uneven ground) is the prize from Mystique on the Past and Future Hunt. The textures are superb! So if going back in time is part of your virtual journey, be sure and stop over and pick this up. There are some impressive vendor photos on the shop walls -- just saying.

Since I didn't just want to take a photo of the house, I went to the official hunt blog and perused the prize list. OK. I know. I am sometimes lazy, but I am also very busy. Of the prizes shown, this lovely dress from Touch of Ireland stood out. Now I had to do some sleuthing (more than you would expect for such an established shop) to find the hunt stop, but eventually I did.  I was rewarded with this very beautiful period outfit. The bodice is so nicely rendered! There is a prize for the guys in the pack too.  There are two stores on the hunt at this location, so make sure you are in the right one. OR go for both!

You are looking for a clock dial.

My appropriate hairdo releases tomorrow from EMO-tions. Melody is one of the two-in-one animated styles with the alternative look a wrapped braid down the back. This indeed looks like someone has just finger combed their previous braided locks. A hairbase is included.

Pose by: BehaviorBody


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