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It's Better in Boston

After over 2600 posts it gets tricky coming up with titles. This one is in reference to the new Bridges Bar Cart out from PILOT @ The Mens Dept. Cigars, scotch and brandy had me immediately thinking of the ending scenes of the television series, Boston Legal -- two long time friends sharing a drink and a smoke at the end of the day.

They had a balcony overlooking the city; I only have a window, but that works too. I snuck a peak at The Mens Department the other day as they were setting up. There are some very nice items this time out and you don't need to be a guy to shop. Check out the grunge desk and the skybox loft from DECO.

My cute and summery peplum dress is from Amour Fashion. It comes with both plain and printed skirt versions. A small (my normal size) fit almost perfectly and with the tiniest of tweaking I was set.

I have new skin.

Now, I  show you new skin releases often, mostly from AKERUKA. Most end up in my inventory archives for special posts. So let me reiterate; "I have new skin." :D   I have been wearing a AKERUKA skin called Alba for a very, very long time. It takes a lot for me to personally switch, but MEG V2 appears to be it. This is the tan skin tone which will most likely be my default tone, but there is a really gorgeous smokey taupe dark tone that I love. So exotic. There are a variety of eye makeups to choose from and lip tattoos. I am not a lipstick gal so I'll be going with the natural default. You can of course add your favorite eyeshadow tattoos  to make even more looks. Be sure and check out the group gifts (fee) while you are trying on demos.

Now my dress came with a pearl necklace, but I thought the dress was a wonderful match for an item waiting too long in the wings to be shown, this Seduction of Summer necklace from Just You Jewels. And if I actually DID show it to you before, a second time is OK too.

FREENESS: First up on my free tips of the day is that you can find the painting in the top photo at Eric's Art Gallery on the Homestuff Hunt. I added a shadow prim as my loft skybox is sans Windlight shadows.

And the BIG TIP of the day is that AKEYO has free ($1) AOs out for both gals and guys. These are very, very nice MOCAP animations that come with a simple HUD. This will not replace your $1500 AO, but for lots of folks it is plenty.

The one for men is especially nice and has a great walk which has a hand coming up to rub the back of the neck now and then.  The sets include three stands, a walk and a run (yeah). You can add your own animations VERY easily. Just rez the HUD, drop in your favorite animations and the HUD recognizes where they need to go. NO MORE dealing with the notecard and typing things in perfectly. Whew!

The hud is simple and looks nice on the screen but there is no way to cycle through poses and such. It is basic. I will say that one of the animations for gals has a nasty wrist issue which I could not live with. So if that bothers you too, just rez the AO, delete stand number 2 and rename the hud so you know which one is fixed. Easy as pie.

One other tip, be VERY careful where you click on the vendor. If you hit the bottom area, the cost is $10 instead of $1 and you might just be buying one animation.There is also a dance to find on the MENSTUFF Hunt.

Poses by: aDORKable, Vista Animations


Unknown said…
Very nice Chic. Thank you for the feature.
Anonymous said…
I've been a follower for years, but had no idea you were up to 2600! At this point you could call your posts Glabbityrabbits (or install insane word here) and we would still appreciate all you do. Thank you for every single post!

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