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Menstuff Hunt 2

While I suspect that there are more wonderful menswear items out there on the Menstuff Hunt, my adventures became more and more frustrating last eve. TP points so far away from stores, some I never even found; clues that seemed to obviously point in one direction but evidently the wrong one; decoys -- you get the idea. I wasn't having fun. But along the way I found a few great items that just might be for you or your fellow. Since there are still stores that I love and haven't visited, I am sure that after a calming break I will get back into the fray. I just don't plan on stopping everywhere *wink*.

Meanwhile, this is the prize from Tres Beau. It is no surprise it is beautifully made; I have some lovely things from Tres Beau. The Jason outfit comes in two sizes with this being the muscular version. Wearing a not yet released shape from $10 shapes, it fits very nicely.

This styling pairs the mesh tee from Tableau Vivant with the camo pants from jfL Menswear. Both are nicely made and great additions to many wardrobes.

This braided leather cuff is manly enough for most guys I know. With plenty of details, it can span many genres.

Find it at Rookhold.

Poses by: Vista Animations


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