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Just out from deviousMind, SavageRose headpieces and collars. These of course work very nicely with the La Cancanière costume from the Vintage Fair pictured below. And then there are the new feather fans and boas..... If you ever wanted to be in burlesque, these are all for you.

Chandra has a thing for boxes -- primmy boxes. We have a joke as sometimes I am very prim poor and she makes up a special "Chic One Prim Box" for me.

I will say that the new boxes for Savage Road are very pretty with a see-through pane. The single colors are similar to this fatpack with just one feather inside and a single color photo on the tag. Lots of work. Glad she enjoys it! 

Pose by: aDORKable and LAP (nla)


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