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Dining In

Newness at Sway's includes the Brenda table and chair set. Choose from a single color or this multi-hued version with a full variety of colors. Chairs, stools, two sizes of tables and even an upside down stool are include. Foodstuff are part of the package.

While the dining set is extremely low prim, my favorite piece is (of course!) the Tasha Chandelier (sold separately). At 36 prims it isn't in everyone's budget, but if you are prim rich? So cute!

The chairs include a variety of animations and poses with adjustment. Some are for guys and there are eating and drinking versions with props.
Also new is a teacup candle gatcha lamp.

Larger than a traditional teacup (see the photo above), it comes in five colors and is transfer to share or trade.

Pose by the chair :D


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