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A Hunting We Will Go

September is a SL hunter's dream time! So many hunts starting it will be difficult to pick where to start. Since I have limited time I most likely will be doing a cross between checking the shops I love and picking a few at random (always fun).

Tonight I journeyed out early to see what might be out and indeed the prize for the Summer Harvest Hunt from NiNight Creations was available. A very cute sweater, it doesn't quiet fit me well enough to linger in my closet, but YOU might have better luck. It is definitely a style I like!

I tried a few other shops but didn't find the acorn. It IS early so that's OK. I did find another set of very pretty mesh eyes at Mayfly.  I really love these and my collection is growing. This set is gold with a hint of green. Very pretty.

I didn't find any hints on the SHH blog and the acorns are pretty small so while not the infamousTwisted Hunt (also starting at midnight), this may not be the easiest adventure. Judging from the prereleases I saw on the official blogger sites though, there are plenty of nice things to garner.

My hair of the eve is a new release from Alli&Ali. Serafine comes in a big pack of colors from jet black to snow white. You can pick up a pretty, dirty blond shade in the shop for free. It is the weekly voting present. Find it by the voting wall. I really like this one; both messy and carefree. I fit mostly in that first category :D.

Poses by: Diesel Works from the new Destiny set


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