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Comfy and Stylish

A sneak peak and freestuff ( I have decided to ignore the spell checker on that term and declare it a noun), my favorite kind of post is on the docket today!

Pilot is having its grand opening August 25th at 7pm. I can't wait! Meanwhile, here is one of the soon to be releases, an extremely cute patio set complete with cactus in planters. The cushions have a choice of six fabrics and a big variety of animations including ones for couples. They weigh in at a mere 2 prims each. What is really amazing is that the table -- complete with planter -- is only 3 (THREE!)  So mark your calendars for the unveiling in a few days. The textures are simply gorgeous.

I was wandering around Zibska this morning and found these oversized earrings in a box on the stairway. Happily they are a gift!

And my third item of the morn are these bare feet with realistic texture from Tara Shoes. Find them on the Midnight board to the RIGHT as you enter the building. They come with sandals and the hud lets you take the sandals on and off, resize as needed, match skin color and paint nails.

Now, to be fair, these don't fit well without the accompanying sandals, so the bare feet are more geared toward pants. You could of course add anklets if you are a skirt gal. Still, a great find and free!

My outfit is a new release from PARADISIS. Scroll back a couple of posts for all the info and better photos. My hair a recent release from eXxEsS.

Poses by: the patio set


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