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Vintage Fair - Sway's

It is one of the biggest weekends in Second Life with lots of openings including the Vintage Fair which promises to be a grand time. With so many great designers involved and so much to see, it will take a few days to take it all in. I will be waiting for the crowds to come down before venturing over, but for those of you that enjoy the activity -- have fun at the lagfest!

This [Sixty] Living Room Set is the offering from Sways. Here are the maps and SLURLS.
The set comes colored (shown here), black & white, yellow, red, green and blue. There are chairs for both guys and gals with some really nice animations including knitting and reading. The wall art is modular so you can place as many pieces as you like and play with the patterns. This set is partial mesh.

Lani and I took ourselves back in time for this photo. I can remember my mother yelling at me not to play with "those things" in the house. If you aren't old enough to remember these, then here is the scoop from Wikipedia.

And now for the fashion segment of this post. Check out the detailing on the fantastic new jean shorts from Decoy!   I really don't see how it can get better than this. So very, very REAL!   I found these yesterday while checking out 50 Linden Fridays. Six denim versions are available and there is a demo for size. These run large so if you are really tiny there may not be a size for you, but if there is you SO want these. Three alphas are included.

Poses by: LAP (nla) the furniture and Morgane Batista


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