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Washing Cars

The Car Wash Cart Sale is a long standing event in one of Sl's oldest retro sims. It's happening again, starting today!  Now I have to admit that my last visit to this event didn't leave me breathless. I think I bought a UPS deliveryman's outfit (cause you just never know when you might need one!) and called it good. I am happy to report that the current event features lots of great $10 items as well as a few dollarbies and even some free goodies. Just wander the streets and see what appeals to you.

Since I really didn't NEED anything, I decided to play a game and try to find what I thought was one of the best values of the event -- something that would appeal to a lot of you. There were several candidates for my personal award, but in the end I picked this Playful Panties set from 1 Hundred.   And yes, I traipsed around the sim in this taking pictures. I have seen gals clad in MUCH less, so I wasn't too worried.

There is something for everyone at the cart sale including textures for builders, shoes, jewelry, a nice skin with demo -- the list goes on. Here are a couple of items I found especially appealing. You of course will no doubt find your own best deals.

So head on over to The Wash and do a little shopping, cart sale wise.

Poses by: LAP (nla)


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