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Look Closely Now

With many many important new releases (and a gift) in this post -- and me being in shadowy art mood -- you need to read and look carefully. DO pay attention now. Good stuff here.

First up is this Olsen Chest Bench from Pilot, just moving in over at The Pea. Gorgeously textured it comes with 12 single poses (some for guys, some for gals), laptop when needed for the pose and 6 texture options for the pillows. I admit to not making it past this default fabric which I am simply in love with. But there are shabby chic versions and more male oriented ones to choose from.

There are only three items in the shop right now, but even so it is smartly decorated with moving in pallets, a forklift and crates. You just KNOW this is going to be a great place to shop!  The stacked crates shelving behind me come with texture change for the interior of the crates. So you can coordinate with the bench. There is also a super cute pipe shelf with utility bulb, cord and socket, books and such. Perfect for urban or grunge living! You will need to venture over to FAMESHED to buy the chest bench, but you can try it out at the shop.

My outfit is made up of items from three different new releases from PARADISIS. Some are from the Pink Ribbon Fair and others will be in the store in various colors. So take a look both places. Something that has had little press, but may prove to be much fun is a Pink Ribbon Fair Hunt which has some of the PRF designers gift giving at their main stores. I am pretty much burned out on the Menstuff Hunt (a whole 'nother story but I will be posting a wrap up soon) and will likely try my hand at the girlie hunt *wink*.  This extremely cute and well made beach purse is the gift from PARADISIS.

eXxEsS : SYRENA is my new hair. It get's big points from me for being different. Asymmetrical and quirky, it comes complete with beads (Boho anyone?) and a big choice of bead colors via hud.This is a GROUP GIFT until August 13th.

Last but not least is this vintage store from Trompe Loeil @ Vintage Fair. With lots of styles to choose from and a very low land impact, these detailed shops could be your perfect next store. Two sizes, small and medium are available. Read more about them here.

As an extra bonus, a texture map is included for the interior, so you can add your own textures and make the shop your own!  The first release batch has 72 unique storefronts, Small and Medium sizes, plus 6 unique Hanging Signs. Two Large versions plus two styles of Displays will be coming soon as the Fair progresses.

Here is a little addendum *wink*. I just got into the Vintage Fair to find myself surrounded by these shops. So you can see them up close and personal when you visit!  Had to smile at that; didn't "get" it. 

Poses by: furniture, purse and LAP


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