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The Perfumed Cutlass

What does a girl that has everything need? Why a canon of course!

I was building a canon last night and taking a vendor photo for the upcoming Mad Pea mini-hunt, The Perfumed Cutlass. I so love the theme even if I haven't read any of those historical romances in a decade or so :D.  I was going to store this photo and bring it out closer to the beginning of the hunt, September 7 -- but the end of the month doldrums have hit and I don't have too much to show you today, so this will be my offering.

It was fun to build the canon and get garbed up in a fairly old but still quite stylish pirate wench outfit from Reasonable Desires. It may even still be in the shop. It comes complete with guns and swords and treasure chest.

I haven't actually gone on a Mad Pea Hunt although I have found a prize or two by accident. This adventure sounds like lots of fun so I may give it a try. Finding the prize in MY shop will be very easy. There are only so many places you can hide things in 12 x 16 meters *wink*.

So mark your calendars!

Pose by: LAP (nla)


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