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Something Wicked

Something wicked this way comes.

The new Corset Me outfit from AD Creations is definitely eye-catching. Biker gal meets supermodel in this creation. Two sizes of rigged mesh skirts are included. There is a caveat here. Unless you are a VERY brave gal, a thong would be advised when tping about. I'll let you think on that - LOL.

My Girl Likes to Grapple earrings from Ticky Tacky ( no longer coming up in search ) set the mood for this shoot. My tattoo is from the lucky chair at Wicked Tattoos.

This new COSMA hair from EMO-tions releases Saturday. Great for punk stylings, it can move over to the glamor category with a change in accessories and attitude.

Poses by: Nigotine (nla), Diesel Works, Vista Animations


AlizaKaru said…
love as always, ty!♥♥♥

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