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Gypsy Girl

Gypsies, tramps and thieves ---- I can't type that without hearing Cher in the background.  The GTT hunt started last night. Sami, who must have more energy than I, did a good portion of the hunt in the late hours and finished the last half this morning. That left me with only the first half of the hunt to do. Yeah!

Aside from a lot of teleporting issues and some sims not online, the hunt went smoothly. Most of the hints made sense and many prizes were right out in the open and easy to find. I skipped a few spots that from experience were not my style, but garnered a terrific amount of goodies, perhaps for a new project in the works. Time will tell on that.

Before I move on to oohing and aahing about hunt prizes, you need to know that my new and very appropriate gypsy girl hair is just out from eXxEsS; ZARYA is the vendor name to look for. A sleek up top and to the side ponytail falls down one shoulder as well as the back. Shorter tendrils frame the face. Very romantic indeed!

One of my personal favorites of this hunt is the rustic gypsy wagon from RVi Design. There is a leaning on the steps pose as well as a built in bed with pose inside the wagon. The campfire and stump are the prize from PRIME. The stump has various poses with props included. You can play guitar, toast marshmallows, or cuddle in a sleeping bag.

I was very proud of myself for finding this colorful wagon. The clue is a good one; I just interpreted it incorrectly :D.  Find it at (O)tentika. Only ONE per hunter and this is a no copy item.

There are lots more wonderful prizes to share -- tomorrow! 

My outfit is an old favorite from Firefall, but most likely still available. It might even be in the lucky chairs.

Poses by: Vista Animations


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