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Reveling in Demos

One of the great things that has come into our world with the advent of mesh is the demo. Now we had demos before of course, but not on this scale. With fit being an issue, mesh demos are pretty much mandatory. I seldom buy things; you know that. With a glorious inventory it seems a bit decadent. I still like to shop however and trying on the demos at COLLABOR88 keeps me in tune with the work of designers I don't know personally. 

It is the one year anniversary of COLLABOR88 and not only is it a great month for designs, it is also much larger than usual with past members and guests filling the outer area. A party is going on; you don't want to miss it.

Shown here in all their demo glory are a jacket from BOOM and hair from [elikatira]. I love both of these and in another life with less inventory I would be hitting that buy button.

Also on my don't miss list is a top from GLAM AFFAIR. Somewhere between a shirt and a dress, it is super sleek and definitely classy.

These shoes from ISON are very, very nice. The HUD is super sexy and let's you change between patterned and plain as well as tinting skin and choosing nail color.

My impressive shooting stage for this post is the COLLABOR88 August release from TROMP LOEIL, the Tower of the King skybox. It comes with its own sky surround and fits on a 64 x 64 parcel. Kingly furniture is also a release this month. Unfortunately the sandbox won't let me rez any more this morning (oh my!) so that will be another post.

Poses by: Diesel Works


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