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I journeyed all the way over to Finland to take these photos and then ended up shooting in the dark. When I was just learning about art, I was obsessed with chiaroscuro, the bold contrast of light and dark used to suggest form. When I hit this Windlight setting, I couldn't resist.  My outfit is the same as yesterday so scroll back in time to find out how to get it for free. Newness is my pinwheel and one of the cute poses in the set from aDORKable.  Five poses in all with five corresponding pinwheels. Click the pinwheel to make it spin in either direction.

My second bit of newness are these sandals from SLAVE. Beige, blue, brown, pink and violet mesh sandals come with a hud for changing nail and skin colors. A separate hud lets you adjust for size. These are beautiful.

Poses by: aDORKable from the new Pinwheel set


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