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There was a lengthy time when I lived in pale skin and red hair. Then I went exotically dark and now I am simply summer tanned. We go through changes.

I let a friend know about the Shiva hunt skin as she was on the prowl for her alt. I let another friend know because she was still wearing three year old skin. And then THEY let me know *wink*.

There are skins in the group lucky chairs!

Three for the ladies, three for the guys -- short term; a great place to hang out while you read the feeds.

With just a little time spent I came away with this very pretty skin.

Get them here!

And then I had a chance to let them know more. There are group gift skins (shown at right) too.

You don't even have to wait to win these and there is no group join fee.

So a bunch of us now have new skins. Some will wear them everyday; some now and then.

That's my morning tip - five skins for the ladies; four for the guys.

Poses by: Diesel Works, LAP (nla)


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