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I haven't been participating in 52 Weeks of Color for some time. The days only have so many minutes. But I really wanted to show you the dark skin tone of the new Meg 2 from AKERUKA -- AND I knew there was a store hunt going on over at Inga Wind with a bright yellow outfit that would definitely show off the cool brown skin tones. So, off I went.

You are looking for bright yellow bumble bees. A few are empty and give you nothing when clicked. But happily there are a minimal number of decoys; most of your finds will have a piece of this outfit. Inga Wind has been using this hunt model for years. Long ago when I was very very young I would wander the store looking for pieces of a set. Inevitable I would come away missing a shoe or a cuff or collar -- you get the idea.

The store was smaller then but there was lots and lots of "stuff" to command your view. Happily the hunting is very easy now! A run around the store looking for the bees had  me with a full set with "S" mesh top which is my normal size. Getting home and trying on showed me that I was between that "S" and the "XXS" size so off I went to find that "XS" bee. Happily I spied it the second I walked through the door this time. Yeah! This is a very pretty set that can be used together or in mix and match combos.

My necklace is the new LaGyo_Alice, just perfect for this styling.

Hair by Discord Designs - - Ohna.

Poses by: aDORKable


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