Do You Remember - Fruit Fetish

Moving though animations in my long inventory list, I am now down 3,500 or so items. I am being ruthless with my poses, saving only my favorites and hard to find specialty poses. There are, of course, STILL a lot of favorites *wink*, but little by little.  While I am not quite into the props area, I ran into Chandra this morning -- something we haven't managed to do in awhile. She has some darling little (I do mean little) fairies with costumes she is working on. More on that in another post.

As the conversation continued, the Fruit Fetish calendar from (*chanimations was mentioned. It wasn't difficult to remember Gogo posting the whole calendar a couple of years back. There are twelve props with animations. Use them for a calendar or just for fun. Use the poses built into the props or add your own favorite poseballs after YOU clean out your animations folder *wink*.

Very pretty, I can't wait until it is melon season again. It SNOWED six inches yesterday in my corner of the globe. Yikes!  Shown here with one of the !dM deviousMind "Perola do Brasil" colors (kiwi) -- not vintage but it certainly is a great pairing colorwise.

Psst! A little fairy told me that the calendar set is currently on sale, so check that out.

Pose by: BehaviorBody