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50 Land Impact Traincar Styling

Did you ever want to live in a train car?   I can't say that has been on my bucket list, but it was certainly an adventure styling the KraftWork Private Rail Car -- a gift at the recent Belle Époque birthday hunt.   It only took 2.5 hours of time and a little inventory digging to make the empty railcar a cozy home.

Two things came together to make this a fairly easy styling.  First, the railcar is small scale -- meaning that while it will fit a slightly under two meter avatar, taller folks will need to enlarge the car for ease of movement. Second, my assortment of low land impact furniture is fairly sparse so I didn't have to make too many major decisions.  

I started with the major items first -- the bed and the kitchen -- which were alocated the most land impact. Then came the chairs in the living room and the décor pieces. 

Most of my décor pieces were one land impact or less when linked, but I splurged on this lovely bit of kitchen clutter, a gacha item from MERAK.

Several items were tinted to continue with the brown accented neutral theme. 

Here is the rundown on the items used.  

Trompe Loeil - Exton Bed Light -- 6li at this size
ChiC buildings [Cb] Mini Wall Kitchen - Birch - 6 li at this size
Trompe Loeil - Romy Cove Chair Leather PG - 3 li (X2)
ROIRO - SATEN schefflera pot -- 3 li
 [Cb] Mini Wall Kitchen - Birch - 6 li at this size
[Cb] Shutter Room Divider - Light - 3 li
[MERAK] - Hanging Rack - 3 li
.peaches. Vanna Trunk Clutter -- 2 li

1land impact items  *or less when linked) include:

ChiC buildings [Cb] Mini Kitchen Bistro Table
ChiC buildings  [Cb] Bistro Stool
peaches. Finally Fall Food Taster - No Blanket
Decorative Cactus CHEZ MOI
ROIRO - "OAZO" Monstera
ChiC buildings [Cb] Gardening Magazines and book clutter
KOPFKINO "Leatherized" Night Stand
Apple Fall Argentinian Malbec and wine glasses (linked)
ROIRO - "EVERGREEN" Blind curtains (4 in all)
Second Spaces - Treat Yourself - Travel - necessities
ChiC buildings Book Lover's - Tall Book Stack
Second Spaces - Cluttered House - unopened mail
ROIRO - "OAZO" Echeveria
ChiC buildings Fame Magazines - 4 Set 1
ROIRO - "OAZO" Green necklace
ChiC buildings  [Cb] Long Book Stacks
Second Spaces - Beverly Quilt Rack - blue/brown
Homemade paintings (X2)

I could add a bit more by linking to existing items, but as an exercise I am good with this.    


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