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Another Second Life Advent Season


Another advent season is upon us and traditionally --- for me anyway --  Advent begins with the blogger box from Trompe Loeil which comes around Thanksgiving time. 

I thought this would be the seventh year, but I was one  season off and with research found my very first unveiling of goodness -- it was 2012 in this post.  I didn't need to find the picture to relive the memory. I was up on a building pad peering into the little locked compartments. So much fun.   Each year has been filled with surprises and of course personal favorites.    

Oh the fashion statement. Sculpt boots and cylinder flexi skirt prims!

Tis that time again!    

Each year there is a free calendar to pick up and complete. Now "calendar" isn't a fair term for the gift in the making -- it is always mesh and complex. Sometimes a little village, sometimes a fireplace and this year a fully stocked and decorated kitchen island.  I can tell you my exact words uttered when I rezzed this year's calendar; they were "Oh my!".  

Here are the instructions on how this works should you be new to this Second Life tradition.   

The Arcade opens December 1.

I don't want to spoil the surprises by showing you all the different items you can gather (at the traditional oh so low gacha price), but for those of you working on a low prim budget this set of trees for only two land impact is certainly a winner.   There is a particularly lovely antique lamp post for outdoors complete with garland and bow that is 4 li.  And even if you can't afford to rez all the lovely prizes THIS year, there is always the future.   Some of my favorite holiday decorations are from years past. 

Fashion credits:

.{PSYCHO:Byts}. Kara Hoodie - Grey
Mowie. - "Zarina" Legging
#EMPIRE - Edelweiss - Maitreya



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