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Hard Day's Work

Tonight I am over at the Babbage Docks, the establishment -- The Laughing Gull which bills itself as a genteel gathering space to drink and appreciate the finer arts, all whilst making plans for piracy, plotting, or ...

A long and dirty day is behind me. Manual labor is only acceptable when there are no other choices. But here I am under dismal taupe skies -- looking for a drink and some camaraderie. 

Out as a L'Homme Magazine SL Reader's group gift, the [ContraptioN] Thibaut Waistcoat *WORK* and  Dapper Dandy's Gloves *SOOT*.  These come in many mesh fits for both men and women. The vest sets for gals "fits" but you will need to be generous with your alpha cuts. I am just pleased that female attire was included in the pack!    

There is a cravat included in the default setting but after turning off the cravat via hud I could not get it back on. So be sure and save the ORIGINAL box in case you decide to be more posh at another time. Find the gifts above the entry desk on the wall. 

Deep Static :: DS :: Holliday Glasses are new at Cosmopolitan. Many colors and choices via hud. 

JF Design- Alvina Pants (Maitreya) Black

Madpea Alien Surgery Saws Hop and Shop gift 

Hair: NO.MATCH_NO_FREAK  hair with hat

Photo taken here.

Pose by: SEMotion


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