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The 50 Land Impact Styling

The Kaavia Modern Cottage  from Trompe Loeil @ FaMESHed was a breeze to style in that 50 li challenge manner -- possibly because I have more minimalist furniture in my inventory than ornate or even "homey".  I like simple, clean lines and lovely textures.  I completed my project in two fun hours and while not a truly  finished look, it certainly is usable space and a great start. Imagine how wonderful this would look with ANOTHER 50 land impact!

Here are some shots of the interior. I am not going to list all the creators that became a part of this design, but I will leave the build up until after the contests ends. You can find it here.  

Lots of details come with the home. Versions include linked with built-ins, coalesced and empty. 

The long firewood storage space mirrors the floor to ceiling picture window. 

Oven and storage built-ins are options. You will need your own fridge. Lighting adds a cozy touch over the island. 

This small room off the living area would make a lovely tubbing bathroom. I used it for the bedroom. 

Upstairs became a dance studio ---

and storage. 

A large bedroom is off the kitchen.  I left that empty.  Still, a very comfortable space on a tiny "prim" budget.   

After reading some comments on the challenge forum post I decided to upload a new version of my picture frame, one with the shadow attached. This made the paintings into  "linkable and save some land impact" objects. After linking the paintings and uploading some similar super low land impact items I was able to add some scattered books and a much needed bar light over the couch.   Every little land impact point counts --- for sure!


Bannod said…
The source for your dining table and chairs?
Chic Aeon said…
You can find them at the Kaerri store. Frost Dining set (and I think it WAS a set but not sure). Actually made by Cain Maven (her long time partner). Quite amazing.

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