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The 50 Land Impact Challenge

A series of coincidences happened  to me as we moved into November (remember "there are no coincidences")  that lead me to decorate two small abodes -- each with only 50 land impact points (oh my!).   Along the way I discovered some hidden gems in my dusty inventory, stretched my styling skills and  --- had a great time.  

My two endeavors comprised a small wintry skybox with lofty ceilings (and free rent), the second a cozy cottage at the end of a long bridge that goes on seemingly forever.  Along they way I started a challenge in the SL forums and you can read about it here if you so choose.  It is easy to take part; no purchases required although you might want to rent a small structure in which to practice and show off your skills. 

In general you have 50 land impact to decorate a small (hopefully) home, cottage, skybox, trailer or whatever.   The structure doesn't count against your land impact, only the furniture and decor.     

As I was taking photos of the Kaavia Modern Cabin from Trompe Loeil @ FaMESHed, I got to thinking that it would be a fun challenge with that 50 land impact count. True the house is roomy (I have some "cheaty" ideas for the upstairs *wink*) but it ALSO includes a ton of details like a small kitchen and island, an outdoor stove with wood storage, plus an indoor fireplace -- also with wood storage.  So you have a good starting point. 

Again, you can use any home you choose OR rent a small space OR do your decorating in a sandbox. It all works.   November looks like a super stressful month for many of us and this is just one way to keep our creativity flowing.

I will be reporting back with photos of my stylings in a few days.  Feel free to add your photos to the SL forums post or put a link to your photos or post in the comments here.   And whatever you do, HAVE FUN!!!!

Everyone taking part in this challenge (via SL forums or linking here on my blog) will get a credit for ONE free item from ChiC buildings. I think my most expensive item is $1250 or so.  I don't have gift cards or vendors so this is just an EASY way for me to reward you for your efforts.  

The challenge ends at midnight on November 15th. Only one entry prize per avatar :D; enter as many times as you wish.   

Outside landscaping -- if you use some -- does count in the challenge as we have been doing that,  but I am going to leave the things I put down for the Kaavia house as they are in the photo above and pretend they were put there by the landlord LOL.  It just looks pretty.   


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