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50 LI Challenge Winners

While everyone is a winner so far as prizes go, and hopefully too had fun and perhaps learned a few things; I want to share with you two of my favorite stylings from the challenge.   Both were achieved using the snowed in skybox at Snow Globe, but there were plenty of other homes used as the backdrop for decorating.   

This decorating marvel is by AstraHunt.   Very cosy!

And this bit of white Christmas cheer is by Marianne Little.

Several of the folks contributing on the thread listed items and maker and land impact costs of their decor, so the SL forum thread is a great place to get ideas.

Now not many of you were brave enough to take up the challenge (insert smile here) but I know from the almost 3,000 views on the forum post and the popularity of the pages on this blog --- that a LOT of you were watching us having fun. So that counts too.  

While the official challenge is over, anyone can still participate.  I doubt Marianne will stop decorating any more than she will stop eating or sleeping.  

Also, both houses and skyboxes have been coming available at Snow Globe (and at Seaclaid also).  So keep checking back to snag one for your playing pleasure. 


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