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Are You Ready for December?

Are you ready for virtual December?  It is bound to be a busy one -- at least for those that like to shop and collect gifts. I am making my list and checking it twice. Advent is right around the corner.  

My cute little corduroy jacket is the ~La Gazza Ladra~ Zaphira . (Hunter) Corduroy Jacket. The jacket appeared in my inventory on the 27th. The store is no longer active or on the marketplace so I am guessing this isn't a blogger copy. Ah the mystery.   I am going to consider it a present and be thankful for it. Appropriate action for the season.    And it took a very cute picture.

Now most any jacket is difficult to get "over" another top -- unless of course they were made with that feature in mind. I found myself wanting for the umpteenth time some good old texture layer clothing.   Happily Skell mentioned that Sn@tch had a ton of texture clothing at very low prices. I bought some undies there not too long ago.  I went over and found a very nice pack of cropped tees in oh so many colors. Perfect!

I grew up with Sn@tch. My very first outfit was a gift and I spent many nights combing the vendors on mystery free item hunts. All good memories.  

Other credits:

CARGO // Runway Jeans // Earthtones (old)
ENVIEE - TT's Flip Phone {Texting}
Hair:  .:EMO-tions:. * SYLVI* rigged

Pose by: Helamiyo and the phone


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