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Getting in Character - Seaclaid

The difficult to miss the Gothic spires of Seaclaid featured on the Destination guide of late. Over three hundred explorers found their way to the new fantasy role play sim that first evening. I was one of them.   This is one of the best designed sims that I have seen in a long while.  

The easy walking cobblestone roads curve and wander and the space seems to go on forever.  It didn't take me long to find my favorite rental spot. Tiny and beautifully textured it sits alone on at the end of a long bridge overlooking the town.  The view is impressive to say the least. 

Photo ops abound of course and after furnishing my humble cottage -- left to me by my grandmother, a powerful woman of many talents -- I journeyed out for some midnight photography.

There is town and there is country. Shops mix with brick homes in the center of the commercial area, then blend into stately manners and countrified abodes. 

Quiet spots, standing stones, and vistas all mix to give Seaclaid its special magic.

While not much of a role play gal, I definitely like dressing up and of course decorating.  Once my cottage was all in order, I started to put together an outfit for my character. It went together beautifully.  

Newness includes some earrings from Kungler's for the set Dubai City of Gold event. The Zayra set also includes a very pretty bead wrapped necklace with gold bauble.  

My little friend is one of the rare items from the  *HEXtraordinary* Fae Drake set.  It is the Lantern Bearer - Companion - RARE. Rezzed versions are part of the set as well as one that perches on your hand.  Play for this at the newly opened Gacha Garden.

Other items in my outfit include:

Dreaming Thicket - Verbena Skirt - Maitreya Lara - Iris
Dreaming Thicket - Verbena Skirt Scarf - Maitreya L - Iris
neve top - flick Lara

(Kunglers) Ionna bangles - lavender


The no moon sky has been added to the EEP Places and you can pick it up here.  See this post for more info. It is VERY dark and needs street lighting for best effect.  

Pose by: SEmodeling


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