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Comfort Zones

Sometimes you just need to get out of overalls and sweaters, denim and wool.  Three very impressive new releases appear this week; putting them together was an adventure. Along they way a new sky emerged, very dramatic but also good for studio work. More on that below. But first -- the fashion.

It took me days to finally get into Equal10, and this with no gifts (chuckling). While the cam sim was enticing, I couldn't buy the demo for this posh jacket. But last night, in the middle of my night, I made it over. Woot.   

The  Gabriel ::GB::  Teddy Jacket comes with and without built in tanktop. Four neutral colors to choose from with neutrals for the tanks via hud, I am guessing it would work well over sweaters for snowy outdoors adventures. The crafting is impressive and happily it is easy on the complexity meter.   

While "not me" in the traditional sense, I fell in love with this dramatic  new face tattoo from .:E.A.Studio:.  -- TaTToo Corvus Make-Up  Black 60%. White is included in the pack as well as other transparencies.  The shop is very arty and fun to explore and while most things are beyond my comfort zone, I definitely enjoyed my visit. 

And as serendipity would have it, a new necklace from Kunglers came my way this morning fitting in perfectly to the styling.  It will appear at the Enchantment event new round themed The Phantom Of the Opera, Nov 14th.  I am definitely looking forward to that opening!  Earrings are included with the set as well as a texture change hud.  

::C'est la vie !:: Soonah Leggings (#1) - Black (BOM)
Hair: no.match_ ~ NO SUFFER

***** Windlight and EEP *****

The dramatic sky I used for these photos didn't translate to EEP at all. I have seen that happen before and now that I have documented (not on purpose mind you) I will ask on the EEP feedback thread if there is a fix for the issue.  I'll report back soon. 

Poses by: Dieselworks and Eternal Dream


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