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52 Colors - Week 2 Black

I bet you are wondering how I am choosing the colors each week.  I could of course pick out a hue available in a recent purchase, but where would the fun be in that?  There are 52 weeks to choose from.  I think of a number between 1 and 52 (with number 38 out of the running) and then look up that color on my keepsake page.   

This week the number 14 was floating around in my head --- and number 14 is an oh so easy color. I am sure everyone has lots of this in their closet. 


Now we don't need to worry about how saturated (bright and brilliant and packed full of color) black is. We don't have to worry if it is heading too close to blue or red or green and "really" not the color we were after. Black is pretty much black. The only question is, when does black become charcoal?  Ah Ha!  

I am at heart a casual gal, even though I love getting dressed up. With so very many choices of black in my wardrobe, I chose something fun and comfortable.

AVALE Lima set (three pieces)
 Ducknipple: Outfit vs9 - Sneakers 
MALified: Mask (Black): Unrigged

Hair: lock&tuft - sierra

This is the official path to the challenge.


Pose by: [west end] Bento poses RAD skateboard  version 1


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