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Inworld Shop-around - Apple Fall

While I do use the Marketplace to track down mysterious and hard to find items, I still enjoy shopping inworld; not so much the events these days although there are certainly some well-styled venues to be found.  I prefer the more back in time main store experience -- especially if the stores are relatively small or are laid out in a manner that makes items easily accessible without getting lost. 

Tomorrow is Black Friday, but there are plenty of shops who are starting their sales today as well as a fair number who have been having "Black Friday" sales for a week or more.  Honestly I like events to fall on the day they are named after, but what do I know. 

Apple Fall will be participating in Black Friday with an announcement in group when the shop is open for super-dupper sales.  Group is free and there are definitely some advantages to being a part. More on that later. 

I don't plan to join the madness this weekend. Instead I plan to sneak into Uber a bit earlier than I normally get in *wink*. I figure I can say that as most of you will be out shopping the sales.  I did venture over to the Apple Fall store however to see if there was something that I REALLY needed (or wanted) that would push me into fighting the crowds and the lag.   

So here is a short tour for those of you overbooked and wondering which stores to pick from.  Just a few of my favorites --- 

Clutter is a wonderful thing in our virtual world, much more than in real life where you have those nasty things connected to clutter --- like dusting! Ugh.   Along with that it is especially nice to find good looking furniture in that 1 land impact range.  I advise you to always take notice of the land impact before buying. It is easy to get caught up in the excitement of pretty new things and then discover that you can't USE your new purchases.  

There are some very well made close to free li items in the Apple Fall store. There are some more "primmy" items also. So checking that MORE INFO button in the build menu is a smart practice to get into.   This very nice contemporary - traditional chair (which would also look good mixed in with Victorian) is only 1 land impact and available in a choice of patterns, mostly neutrals.  I love the basket filled with bedroom linens. It is only 2 land impact and can be linked with another object to carefully lower the total count.  That is definitely on my want list. 

There are plenty of foo and kitchen items to choose from. Newer items are near the front of the store, older favorites near the back. You can pick up a traveling hud at the landing point  to navigate.  If you aren't interested in outdoor, houses and adult furniture, then walking all the way to the end of the shop  is an easy way to get to the OUTLET which houses older discounted items.

There are loads of great things in the outlet so don't miss that area.  

All throughout the store you can find free gifts. Most are buy for $0 so keep your eye out or use area search to find them all. And by now you have probably noticed that many newer items are available at a 25 percent discount for group members. All products are discounted at least 10 percent for group.  

Other highlights include original artwork (some free), some really nice metal lamps at 1 land impact and at least two areas focusing on nautical.   

Have fun!!!


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