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Weekend Shopping

Working from home can be problematic.  It is easy to forget that there are weekends.  Our lockdown situations compound this problem since we are at home whether or not we are working.  

Enter the weekend shopping events. 

I have to say that I am on the fence about shopping events. Some of my friends (almost all creators) think there are just too many venues and that the product quality is diminishing.  And from my perspective that is somewhat true. 

I am VERY much in favor however  of new events that take us back to when shopping was more realistic -- when the shopping EXPERIENCE was as much a part of the process as the products we came home with.

Enter a new event by Seraphim, 70 Linden Serasim Sunday.    

It is a sidewalk sale. It is a quaint little village shopping area. It come somplete with rude shoppers  (insert laugh here) that add to the realism.  

So venture over and explore much in the way that things were long ago --   

And yes, I did get the lovely necklace from Rise Design.     

Poses by: SEMotion


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