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Christmas in Mexico

A few decades ago I spent most of my holidays in Mexico. I walked and sang on the streets of Patzcuaro bundled in my authentic "a-cril-i-co" black blue and white shawl and was even offered treats at the end of the procession -- because as one lady told another --  I had participated even though I was a gringa. That made me happy. I have no recollection what the treats were but hopefully there were hot drinks in the mix as it was DAMN cold in those high mountains.  

Other years were spent in a small beach town where I made friends with a variety of locals and even painted vegetables on the outside of a shop.  That was kind of a big deal way back then as "tourists" didn't mingle all that much with the natives. But I was never a tourist, only a traveler so mingling was paramount in my plan.  

Out from No59 for Mancave on the 17th, the F-Class Shot Dispenser stand Mexican  with all your favorite south of the border liquors. 

My background has a bit of a funny story so I will share. 

Figuring that a Mexican backdrop or at least attire would be good for this shoot I typed "Mexico" in my (only 50,000 because I purge often) inventory search. Amazingly I found a landmark to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I remember going there OH so long ago and I even remember the dress  to be featured and a conversation I had with someone there (good times).   

I ventured back and it was exactly the same. Pre-mesh and very colorful, it still had tiny casitas to rent for 600 lindens a week. Oh how the times have changed - LOL.  

So, if you are stuck in lockdown in an apartment with a minimal view, consider escaping to some beachy abode -- or renting one, and have a party. Viva Mexico!


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