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The Lux in Luxury

It's the weekend with two hot new offers you don't want to miss.  Details abound and if you enjoy the feeling of being posh -- even virtually, you need to get your shopping shoes on.

First up a $300 gift card from Mossu.   You need to join the group ($30 fee) and then hit the store credit board (very big and in several languages) to redeem your credit. Then it is time to go shopping.

Now, honestly, I have a lot of gift cards and store credit that I haven't used. So being of sharp intellect and thrifty nature, "I" went shopping first.  Realistically you are buying shopping money after all.  There isn't a huge selection at the shop but I found plenty of things to my taste. Various mesh bodies fits are featured and there are easy to find demos.  Oh, and there is a MALE SIDE to the shop too, so get your honey over there.

I decided on this cute little dress -- sophisticated ruffles; is that possible?  Yep, I guess so. Gabrielle is the name of the style and it comes in a large variety of tints, tones and shades.  

Happily I had some new bracelets from Kunglers, Isabelle, available at FaMESHed. With lots of texture choices via hud it was easy to coordinate my wrist accessories with my environment.  

Did you catch the segue there?  

Out for the Saturday sale is a large photo backdrop called The Lux. The complete area includes elevators, seating, a welcome desk to a fancy hotel or spa. Very pretty.  Find it at Foxcity. It is close to the entry as you come in on the wall in a VERY TINY vendor. There is no demo but having purchased backdrops in the past from Foxcity I was fairly confident that I would like it -- and I do.    

Hair: no.match_ ~ NO_NOTHING

Pose by: Di's Opera and the Amacci neck pose hud


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