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Snow Bunny

Gentle flakes falling, crisp and cold -- the sun shines brightly and the world is bathed in the clean white of morning snow.  It's getting to be that time of year for some of us. And those unable to make it to the ski resorts this year can still have winter adventures --- virtually.   

COCO put out this darling avatar for Halloween.  So very cute it comes with frizzy hair but I used one of the  "young and cutesy" styles in my inventory.  I love the leg wraps; a doll ballerina. And then there are the bunny ears :D.   Click on the giant box to get to the new open air shop. 

I loved the [P] Pillows: Springful Free Hold Me Pillow when I picked it up awhile ago. Finally I have a perfect use for it.  I am not sure if it is still a gift, but certainly worth checking. 

My location is Winter Christmas Love Valley at Casca Cove

Pose by: the pillow and Visa Animations AO


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