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Second Life Advent 2020

Second Spaces - Holiday Prep at The Arcade 

It is time for Advent celebrations. Always fun to open up the festive boxes. Here are the places we recommend based on our adventures of last year as well as a few new shops that look promising; hopefully more will be added soon.  Watch for posts of our favorite items.  

This post will be adjusted as the season continues. There are long lists of Advent Calendars at both and FabFree .  

Preliminary list - some stores have not been confirmed; some "confirmed" do not have calendars or trees out yet. New shops are  being checked out :D.  

Updated  with new additions December 19.

7 Deadly s[K]ins - (pay group) Pay the board  (with tag active) 1 linden and get it returned. This year there are two exclusive skin packs -- one for male and one for female. December 1 to January 1 Calendar is HERE

Sway's  -  Star hunt with hud needed to claim gifts each day. IMPORTANT NOTE: These gifts will be repeats of years past. They will ONLY be available on the day they are out, not for sale later as in previous years. Pick up a hud to hunt for stars as well as an info notecard at the landing point. 

Entice - free group needed.  Similar to past years but with a flat calendar. Demos are available and items can be purchased after their gift date. Right at the landing point HEREThis seems more confusing to me this year. There is a group calendar and a non-group calendar where you can just buy. There are demo boards. There are just boards everywhere. So look carefully :D.    

MEVA - (pay group)  Calendar is on the wall just inside the main sales area HERE. There is a calendar for MEN also; find it HERE.

Salt and Pepper - (pay group) Clothing only on Dec 1, weekends and Dec 24th. Other days gift cards that will expire Jan 1 but after adding the credit to your balance it will not expire.  Small green tree made of boxes on the wall HERE.  

ChiC buildings - We won't be covering these gifts but I have put out the Advent calendars from 2017 and 2018 for those that didn't pick things up back then. They are in the food court across from the prefab and gacha building HERE.  

Wow Skins - (pay group) Pink box tree calendar HERE

Fashion Fantasy -  Male tree calendar HERE

Yasum - (free group) Take the floor teleporter to the holiday area where you will find a large tree calendar.  

Wellmade - (free group) Traditional wall calendar HERE. Gifts manual and not out until 6 AM. 

Eclectic Stars - Traditional wall calendar HERE

Blackbird Lace - (free group) Traditional wall calendar HERE

Minimal - (pay group) Turn around and find the really big tree HERE. Find the star on the tree with the day's date and claim your gift. I suggest area search :D. 

Mirage - Crate calendar at landing point (bento poses - jewelry - tattoos and who knows what else. These are out manually and not always on time.)

Justice - (free group) Calendar is HERE.  

Pink Camel - chalk board wall calendar at the landing point. 


Perusing Seraphim this eve of Dec 5 I found three new brands in the "featured" section.  I zipped over to take a look and you might want to also :D. I will add them to my Advent listings.  A super quick screenshot as I hate post with no pictures :D. 

Zerkalo -- (free group) box tree near the landing point.  NOTE that while there is a note connected to the tree (questions in my mind there :D) saying that gifts 1-3 will be available until the end because they were late --- the prizes given out are all the same; at least at this point.   Zerkalo makes very nice décor and furniture if a little "primmy". In the past the tree was owner filled "daily" and that didn't work well so the TREE version should be so much better for those gathering.    

Vagrant - (free group) The same message appears on their tree and the same warning above is in effect :D.

Appletini nails - (free group) appliers for various mesh bodies and who doesn't like newnails? The Appletini calendrer delivers all previous dates.

I will check other listing for latecomers and may add to this post later.

Alli&Ali Designs -  I am listing this here mostly for nostalgia sake. Many to most of us oldtimers grew up with A&A and it is fun I think to revisit the past now and then.  Click on the board (there are two but I think you can only get one prize a day) to receive your prize. In the past it has been a random prize but the one I just got said "5" so perhaps not this year. Anyway fun. 

Abramimations -- (free group) a SL tradition.  Still terrifically popular though not "my" thing. Give it a try if you like off the wall funny stuff.  

NYNE - an interesting calendar in the past, it apparently changes on European time. 

12 Days or something like it - later in the month

Note that these mini calendars are typically hand placed and so the timing of the gifts varies - sometimes from day to day. 

altamura - (pay group) with gifts for male and female from the 11th. A free head has been advertised. 

eBento event - (free group) Find the RED numbers with the day's date and click for a collection of gifts for that day. Numbers are around the outside perimeter. I am constantly crashing there tonight even with no Advent hunters in attendance so I won't be able to cover this event. It is usually a very good one so I hope you all do well. 

Cosmopolitan Annual Tree - (free group) From the 15th inside front doors are socks on large tree. I suggest blacklisting gifts after you get them as more are added each day and it is VERY confusing :D.  

Artisan Fantasy - starts December 14th  Home and Garden items. This is last years calendar so if you got things then you should have them :D. 

LYBRA (free group) December 25 to January 5

JUMO   - December 12th to January 1 Christmas plates on black wall shelves HERE


Ryan Schultz said…
Thanks, Chic! I will be picking up the previous year's advent calendar gifts from your store :-)

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