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Free Books - Free Lodging

Today we are going to visit Snow Globe, the wintry sim where some of us have been styling abodes in that 50 land impact manner. Not only is it lovely landscape, it offers free houses and skyboxes. Partly because I try to pay attention and partly because I seem to be very lucky in the apartment, house and land areas -- I garnered this oh so cute cabin in a fit of speediness. 

This is the dust bunny . hunter's retreat  . RARE.  That RARE tells me it is a gacha item --- so if you want your own some luck needs to be on your side too -- perhaps in the aftermarket area.  Lots and lots of details and a comfy feel, I should warn you that there are some house physics issues to overcome.  That's the builder in me sighing; since there is no physics model and just some invisible cubes that aren't aligned well, it is very easy to get items stuck  in that no man's land near the walls.  Still, I marshaled through and I am very happy with the look and feel. I have three land impact left for some holiday cheer accessories. 

If you venture over, be sure and come by my Tiny Lending Library and pick up a stack of books for your low land impact stylings. 

My only purchase for my snowy retreat was the new rocker from Dutchie at FaMESHed. I made it to the cam sim at the beginning of the month but couldn't test out the animations; so with a tiny little porch in need of a relaxing spot I returned and discovered something special.   The rocker is texture change!  It isn't easy to understand that as the texture change is a sub menu.  But happily I stumbled upon that bit of extra goodness. Bright colors and neutrals are available as well as the worn version pictured on the vendor.  

There are plenty of realistic activities with props.  

I mostly used items I had made in the past, sometimes retexturing for a more cohesive look, but I did "spend some prims" on the wood stove area. The TBF Potbelly Stove is by The Black Forest. The log pile and fireplace tools are part of the Hanne fireplace set from {what next}.   

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Pose by: AO and furniture


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