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Feeling Posh

Lots of news this afternoon.

First up, I've been over at the Dress Me [in] Purple Hunt at Purple Moon. The Easter Egg Hunt runs from April 6th through April 15th and you are looking for ostrich sized lilac eggs with with dots. Ten eggs in all, I didn't find them all but I found enough to show you this great outfit and honestly I found my favorites so I am a happy gal. Giant explanatory signs are sprinkled thoughout the large store. The eggs are easy enough to find, but there is a LOT to see at the store (not a bad thing) so your attention might just wander.

These boots are wacky, wild and wonderful. I have a real life girlfriend who simply LOVES all things purple (she even has a purple SUV). I can't help but think of her as I am duded out in so much of the royal color.

Speaking of royal, my backdrop for this photo shoot is the new release from Barnesworth Anubis for April's COLLABOR88.  The 78 prim skybox measures 15 x 15 and includes two sizes of Paris views (optional). Think of these as partial surrounds just in case your skies aren't as free of neighbors as you would like.

This is an extremely posh penthouse. Lots of clean light gray walls and plenty of detailing. Spots to hang your collectible art et al. My favorite part of the Paris Penthouse Skybox is the windows. A huge skylight gives an airy feel to the space -- and the shadows? They are to die for. You could honestly spend a lot of time just playing with Windlight and the windows. Who am I kidding? I DID!  *wink*.

Cory Edo of Trompe Loeil has made some outstanding furniture for COLLABOR88. I love this mesh jewelry armore.

Click for an up close and personal view.

It looks so perfect in this spot. I didn't realize that she made her large selection of 88 furniture to go with this skybox, but rereading the notecard tells me that is so.

This is only 7 prims. 

There are many other very low prim pieces in Cory's release so be sure and take a look at them all. I will be showing you more in another post.

Here is another great decor piece, a 3 prim mesh mannequin with quilted torso. It looks so very real!

I have been redecorating my place a the beach today. I dug out my old cottage from LEARN AVATAR and rebuilt it a bit for my hillside terrain, adding a view deck and such. I really like the new space.

BUT ---- Lani has a place too (thanks to some RL friends) and this would be super at her place. Then I could visit often and watch the Windlight change throughout the day. I am going to keep that thought in mind. 15 x 15 is a good size. I like smallish.

Here is one more fashion shot. Again, click to enlarge.

This very pretty top has a tummy bulge panel as part of the design. I left that off. I have a tummy in real life, I don't need it here too. The pants come with fun ruffles but that was just too much with the boots and the printed top and the very pretty jewelry set.

So get over to Purple Moon and COLLABOR88 sometime soon. Lots of goodness awaits you.

Poses by: aDORKable and Diesel Works


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