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Heads Up

I am about to tackle my hair folders in the great inventory Spring cleaning. While that should be both fun and a big help to my inventory as I have lots of old hairs and plenty of colors that I would (or could) never wear, new arrivals for the day are filling up some of those holes even before I start!

This is Sorraia from eXsEsS. So pretty! And the shine. Love the shine. This mesh hair comes with an alpha layer but I didn't need it.  The band is black which should work for many outfits.

Just out from Pomme d Amour Hair Salon, this is Teachers Pet. Extremely cute with little bows, the pigtails are appealingly mismatched in both placement and size, giving it a waif quality. Perfect for young avatars and dolls.

Aria is a second release from eXxEsS. There are plenty of gorgeous colors to choose from. Again, mesh and no mod so be sure and try a demo.

And if you are need of some sparkle in your virtual life, new vintage barrettes are available at Eclectica. Choose from gold or silver metals. There is a version placed on the front side also. You will of course need NEW HAIR (LOL) to go with the clip and some adjustments in placement will likely be necessary. The detailing is superb.  This hair is Love, Selma - a recent Pomme d'Amour release.

Poses by: aDORKable from the new Breezy set


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