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Almost Free - No Joke

April is here. I am glad. It means that eventually Spring will arrive in my section of the corporeal universe. I can't wait. Meanwhile, Gabriel has put out a new dollarbie for guys. You don't need to join the group, simply pay the vendor a linden and a set of very nice MESH tees are yours. Five colors with three sizes complete the pack.

You may have seen the vendor photo on the feeds. Honestly? The shirt so didn't fit the model. Since Chav isn't a huge guy I was in doubt that it would work for him. But in the interest of science (or fashion as the case may be) I decided to give them a try. Chav actually needs slightly smaller hips for the top to fit perfectly, but you can see that there are possibilities. It looks great. The set is transfer should you need to pass it along to a thin hipped, big shouldered friend.

So now you know.

Pose by: Diesel Works


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