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The Beach Scene MHOH

Wrapping up the Make Home Over Hunt we have two prizes to get you on the way to summer.

The "Hanging Out" lounger with palm tree is the prize from ~BAZAR~ Quality homes and furniture. Now I am not a big fan of the rezzing pose ball feature, but this item is beautifully textured and honestly the pose ball things works pretty well. There is a prop giver for guitar and other animation choices. There are couples balls too, but I didn't delve into those. If you delete the poseball, you will need to reset the scripts to get the system active again. And if you just like the looks, add your own pillow with pose and dispense with the animation choices.

The Tiki Bar is the prize from ::Creative Decay:: . This very cute set is difficult to find and the hint isn't all that helpful. Look BEHIND a wall to find the prize vendor. You will need to cam.

Poses by: lounger and LAP


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