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A Women's Work - Hunts

.... is tiring. So much to do. So little time. Shown here are items from the Make Home Over Hunt. The hassock with lots and lots of poses including floor lays with computer is from Tranquility Way Station.  The mantle clock that keeps real time hales from SWF Industries.  The coffee table, magazines and vase with twigs is the prize from [domus]

EDIT: Well duh! The coffee table, magazines and vase are actually the BOX the prize comes in :D. The prize is an antique writing desk with very nice animation. It doesn't fit me at all but will get used in an upcoming film. So UNPACK what looks to be the prize *wink*.
 ... is never done. With so many hunts out there, what's a gal to do?

My retro dress is from Purple Moon on The Runway Perfect Hunt; I found it while looking for eggs yesterday :D.  Happily it fits the mood of a prize on the Make Home Over Hunt. This lovely store with accessories is just part of a kitchen prize from Just My Imagination. The kitchen gloves which I really love were part of the pack. Can you believe our mother's and grandmothers actually cooked like this?  The tray and cleaning cloth are oldies that are still available at Milk Hall (a freebie institution that I still visit now and again).

Poses by: the hassock and Helamiyo


Kat Alderson said…
I love that hassock! I got to see the prototype and to talk to Lyta McKeenan while she built it, and she put a lot of love into it.

As always, you've done it, and everything else incredible justice. Thanks so much for taking the time to share your visions with us!
Chandra said…
omg I LOVE the flowery wallpaper!!!
(this shouldn't be surprising most likely lol)

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