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MHOH - Home - Take 2

A little relaxing time is called for after a morning's romp through the last stops on the Make Home Over Hunt. ( I haven't completed the hunt as I started in the middle.) Now there are quite a few prize objects not working yet in this section of the number list, so if you go out today, be SURE and check the notices in the hunt group archives to find ones to skip for now. There are no notes about unavailability on the blog hunt list :D.

There is something for everyone on this hunt. Low prim, high prim, houses, skyboxes, garden items etc. Here are a few of my favorites from the tail end numbers. First up and while simple a thrill for me, is this mesh plant and pot. Very pretty. And ---- ONE PRIM EQUIVALENT! How cool is that? This is a no copy item so be sure and note wear you found it or pick up a couple more for extra decorating. The place?  XED Design.  Be sure and take a look at all the other one prim mesh plants in the shop! And don't miss all the one prim furniture. I am impressed!

The nicely scuplted floor pillow with plenty of animations and /1a adjustments hales from Regimade. If the pretty blue isn't your decorating color, the pillow is tintable.

It is no surprise that the gift from [noctis] is a winner. Mod for size, plenty of animations to choose from and lovely textures put it in my favorites from that shop. I simply LOVE the hanging lamp -- and it weighs in at a mere 3 prims. Yeah!

Now elves and such aren't really my style, but this is so nicely made that I have add it to the list. Some of you might have a forest glade to decorate. It's a little primmy, but so very nice. Find it at OLD WORLD.


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