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Scrambled Eggs Anyone?

The New Toulouse Egg Scramble is on!  

From the Notecard:
The scramble is happening in New Toulouse from April 1st through April 9th, 2012.

Explore rural New Toulouse. Stroll through romantic Algiers. Roll up your pants and slog the lush bayou. Row through the romantic isles in beautiful Ponchartrain and Crescent. There are beautiful eggs hidden throughout. If you see one, grab it and enjoy not only the lovely eggs but the fabulous freebies therein.
Some of you remember that I lived in the Bayou for many month's last year. It was wonderful to return again and see the changes. A few of my old neighbors are still there; new residents have of course arrived. The Egg Scramble of 2011 was my introduction to the themed estates and I immediately fell in love with the Bayou. Yes, there was a bit of homesickness there; lots of great memories.

I started out in the Bayou of course. Actually I have a date to explore and search with a real life friend on Wednesday so I didn't want to look too hard. Grab a free egg boat from the landing point or other spots around the area and take a little ride if you like.

So what is there to gather? I didn't even begin to find all the eggs (some are numbered like 2 of 9 so it is easy to tell there are lots ) but I did find some great things. In the top photo the rmarie Beedit chapeau de bayou rooster hat from last year that so many of you wanted AFTER the hunt was over -- wait for it -- is out again. Yeah!  And the skin I am wearing is from a new to me shop, Blakeburn. The tree behind me is from Allyah Nayar.

Wander and enjoy the ambiance of the region. Look high, low, on the train tracks, in the water and between blades of tall grass. Find some treasures and have a great time.

Chest of Drawers by Petite Maison, Chess Box by Gypsy Gadgets, and Potted Tulips by Fox Nacht.

Explore. Enjoy.

And don't forget to take your camera.

Pose by: aDORKable


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