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Window Shopping

Late last night I finished -- in my fashion -- The Runway Perfect Hunt 2. I can't say this was my favorite adventure; too many big stores, hard to find prize objects and not many gift items suited to my taste. It might, of course, be a great hunt for you!

But in every hunt there seems to be a star, and for me the Window Shopping prop from WetCat is it. The large stage style posing arena comes with various poses for gals and guys as well as positioning.  Lots of fun and pretty to boot, poses are also included singly.

Di and I are both wearing hair from Dura, a prize on the TRPH2 hunt. I have tinted mine darker since I don't do blond well.

The prop is store window sized with frame. It accommodates three avatars.  Since I had a plan to feature the oldest item in my closet from Nuclear Boutique, AND since I knew I had some friends out there with some old NB outfits still in their "I never ever throw anything away" inventories -- this was the morning.

So here is a photo from long ago.  I was VERY young; we all were once. It's good to remember. Arikinui Adria really did do "shiny" well! Hats off to a long ago institution that was extremely newbie friendly.This dress is part of my personal history and what led me into the fashion arena. It is staying in my closet.

Poses by: WetCat


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